Industrial, water based lubricants, lubricators, cleaners for PTFE conveyor belts, oven conveyors, cross lapper belts, fusing presses, laminating machines.
Lubrication, cleaning of conveor belt, prevention of dirt or resin build-up, residue contamination and anti-sticking.

About Smooth Industrial Products

Smooth Products - Specialist Anti-Stick, Lubricating, Cleaning & Release Products for 21st Century

Smooth Industrial Products is UK headquartered with offices and distribution centres both in the UK and USA (California). We are committed to a policy of producing high performance lubricating, cleaning and associated products for specialist applications to meet the stringent operational and environmental conditions for 21st Century Industry.

Our products are formulated to provide clean, safe working conditions and to avoid toxic and environmentally unfriendly chemicals. Formulations have been proven over long periods of use and testing to meet these ideals and to achieve the most effective performance criteria with minimal contamination.

Our range of products include specialised lubricating and cleaning formulations for general industry such as Smooth Fuse SF8 and Smooth Fuse SF12. These are extensively used for reducing 'sticking' problems and improving the productivity and performance of laminating, bonding, heat machines and general industrial production lines. Smooth Fuse SF10 is a leading brand worldwide for its dual purpose capabilities as a cleaner/lubricant for reducing sticking and contamination problems on garment industry fusing presses.