Industrial, water based lubricants, lubricators, cleaners for PTFE conveyor belts, oven conveyors, cross lapper belts, fusing presses, laminating machines.
Lubrication, cleaning of conveor belt, prevention of dirt or resin build-up, residue contamination and anti-sticking.

Smooth Fuse SF10 - Product Information

PTFE Belt Cleaner & Lubricator For Fusing Presses In Garment & Other Manufacturing

Smooth Fuse SF10 is a non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, liquid cleaner and lubricator. Smooth Fuse SF10 eliminates adhesive and dirt contamination, reduces downtime, damages, wastage and improves quality.

Benefits of Smooth Fuse SF10

A liquid as opposed to powder or spray therefore more of its properties are used on the belts. It is non-hazardous compared to other products that are flammable and toxic. Smooth Fuse also lubricates the belts leaving a thin film to help prevent the further build-up of contamination. If used regularly Smooth Fuse will significantly extend the life of the belts. Powders and sprays do not have these multiple benefits.

500ml handy trigger spray bottle

This trigger spray applicator makes it easy to apply Smooth Fuse SF10 to the PTFE conveyor belts of continuous fusing presses and to PTFE surfaces of flat bed presses. Regular application from the 500ml bottle will achieve a lubricant film on the fusing surfaces which can reduce resin and dirt build up as well as clean hot PTFE surfaces. For ease of use, the 500 ml trigger spray bottle can be refilled from a 5 litre container.

5 litre heavy duty usage container (with optional trigger spray)

The 5 litre container is a more economical way to purchase Smooth Fuse SF10, where heavy contamination or larger amounts of the formulation are needed to service a number of machines. A trigger spray attachment is available which allows easy application to PTFE surfaces direct from the container or a 500ml trigger spray bottle can be refilled as needed.