Industrial, water based lubricants, lubricators, cleaners for PTFE conveyor belts, oven conveyors, cross lapper belts, fusing presses, laminating machines.
Lubrication, cleaning of conveor belt, prevention of dirt or resin build-up, residue contamination and anti-sticking.

Smooth Fuse SF12 - Product Information

Lubricator & Cleaner For Laminating Machine Conveyors, Bonding & Coating systems

Smooth Fuse SF12 is primarily formulated to clean and lubricate PTFE, silicone rubber and metal surfaces of conveyor laminating machines and other equipment used for bonding dry adhesive powders, film/webs and for various coating systems using hot melt adhesives.

Benefits of Smooth Fuse SF12

Smooth Fuse SF12 is designed to clean surfaces contaminated with adhesive and residue, to act as a preventative agent by lubricating surfaces likely to become contaminated and to loosen hard compacted residue. When used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions Smooth Fuse SF12 will:

One of the unique features of Smooth Fuse SF12 is that as a preventative solution it can be used continuously while the laminating operations are taking place.

5 litre container (optional trigger spray)

This easy to move 5 litre Smooth Fuse SF12 container is available with or without a trigger spray attachment, which allows significant levels of SF 12 to be dispensed onto the required areas direct from the container. The Smooth Fuse SF12 contents of the 5 litre container can also be easily transferred into hand held 500ml trigger spray bottles for easy use around the factory.

25 litre bulk container

This bulk container for Smooth Fuse SF12 for heavy duty applications can be kept near the usage location and applied direct from the 25 litre container. Alternatively, SF12 can be dispensed from the 25 litre container into 500ml trigger spray bottles for easy hand application wherever needed. Regular application to continuous processing surfaces can achieve a semi-permanent lubricant film, which can reduce adhesive deposits, resin and dirt build up as well as clean hot PTFE surfaces. Buying Smooth Fuse SF12 in bulk can be more economical.