Industrial, water based lubricants, lubricators, cleaners for PTFE conveyor belts, oven conveyors, cross lapper belts, fusing presses, laminating machines.
Lubrication, cleaning of conveor belt, prevention of dirt or resin build-up, residue contamination and anti-sticking.

Smooth Fuse SF8

Environmentally Friendly Release Agent For Cleaning & Sticking Problems In Heat Processing MAchinery, Moulding & Mechanical Processes

Why Smooth Fuse SF8?

Smooth Fuse SF8's light, non-greasy formulation has been specially developed to address sticking and cleaning problems experienced in many industrial processes including laminating, bonding and coating. It is suitable, as a cleaner/lubricator for many high temperature applications and its solvent free, non-aggressive chemistry makes it ideal for use as a continuous production lubricant in a wide range of processes, where good release and cleaning qualities are essential to successful processing. Smooth Fuse SF8 can improve production speeds in the processing of difficult and delicate substrates where distortion and marking caused by adhesive and dirt contamination can create production difficulties and excessive wastage. As a lubricator/cleaner for PTFE conveyor belts, machine rollers and hot surfaces, the SF8 formulation provides the simultaneous advantages of encouraging the break up and absorption of accumulated adhesive resin contamination while maintaining a fine lubricating film to prevent further build up of contamination.

Smooth Fuse SF8 as a preventative barrier lubricant

One of the most effective and unique properties of the light, safe-to-use Smooth Fuse SF8 formulation is the barrier it can create between potential adhesive and other contamination and PTFE conveyor and other process surfaces. This barrier prevents adhesive, resin and other contamination from sticking to conveyor belts, rollers and other machinery sections and forming hard, damaging residue. Laminating and bonding difficult high tech substrates can be made easier using the preventative barrier film of SF8.

Smooth Fuse SF8 as a cleaning agent

Smooth Fuse SF8 has the ability to reduce sticking and loosen/soften hard adhesive and other residue in a wide range of hot and cold industrial processing machinery. It is particularly useful as a cleaner/lubricator in bonding/laminating and coating processes using dry adhesive films, webs and powders, where substrates being contaminated by solvent based cleaner/lubricants is undesirable.